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Robert Adsett

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Robert Adsett
An additional note on the changes. They have effectively rendered the site unusable on mobile platforms by hiding all the navigation underneath the top bars

And as illustration of the unusability of the navigation see the screenshot

Note the navigation is not visible. This is the closest I can get to the top of the page.

I've since tried this in both Firefox and Chrome with the same result. It is impossible to navigate the forum on a mobile device.


* Pourquoi?

  • Dites moi - pourquoi - (such "suppression" n'est pas "bella!")
    Radio static (snap/crackle) challenged - but did we hear, "Refuge for scoundrels?"

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    My God - "LIKE" lives!     (just noted - upon post above...)

    With apologies to "Joyce Kilmer:"

    I think that posts should "Strive to strike"

    A forum response - which yields a "LIKE!"

    Such "peer review" has long been judged "sound" - across so many disciplines - yet (unjustifiably) rejected - here!      Pity...

    It proves indeed "Poetic" that the "banned LIKE" is alive/well "here" (even when - and especially when) "tortured" logic attempts to "dispute its CLEAR & ONGOING VALUE!"