Why is a thread locked?


I did not verify the answer but the thread was locked. Could you please let me know why it was locked?


  • Hi

    What thread are you referring to?

    Bill Traynor
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    Hi William,

    Thank you for your support. The thread is below.

      o TMS320C6678: About TSIP Tx Channel Buffer Format


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    I'm getting a "not found" error for that thread:

    Unfortunately, the page you've requested no longer exists. Please use the search form above to locate the information you're interested in.

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    Hi j-breeze,

    The thread you referenced locked because it went 60 days with no activity. In this situation, we would recommend creating a new thread and referencing the previous thread as desired. We implemented this locking feature a couple months ago for a variety of reasons, most notably:

    - Customers were not getting supported nearly as well when posting follow-on questions to existing threads compared to when they created a new thread

    - Some people would keep posting follow-on questions on the same thread, even when the questions had nothing to do with the original post

    In the next few months, you will see us adding features that will make creating a new thread on a "related question" easier (including automatic cross-linking) and additional locking features to ensure every thread is properly addressed and closed out.

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    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for your information. I understand the feature.


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    I really dislike this new policy, especially for unresolved issues. Many people have the same problem but possibly a year or more later. I watch threads that I am familiar with and sometimes help people that had the same problem I had.

    Also, in the past, if an issue was unresolved but I had the same problem, I could usually post a follow up to ask if it was ever resolved and the author would come back and say they did but forgot to post it so it would be resolved that way. Right now I have the exact same question that was discussed in a thread from 2015. I would just like to post a reply to the author that had the exact issue to see if they resolved it. I can see no way to contact the author. In the past my reply would get to his e-mail because he is watching the thread. How can I contact him in the new system? Will a cross-link or related question alert the watchers of the old thread?

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to provide your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you're not a fan of the locking policy, most of the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. We are working towards a goal of consistently responding to and resolving customer issues in a timely manner. Locking has definitely enabled us to do that more often.

    A couple of suggestions - if you have an unresolved thread that is locked, please consider creating a new thread and referring to the original thread in the body. As I mentioned above, later this quarter we will be releasing a feature to make this much easier/more integrated.

    Also, I wanted to make sure you were familiar with the ability to tag a user in your posts as I have tagged you above. You can tag someone by typing an @ symbol followed by starting to type their username. You will be presented with a list of users from which to select, assuming they have allowed themselves to be tagged in this manner.

    Thanks again for your feedback, have a great weekend,
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    This really disrupts the way I use these forums. The watch a thread feature is no longer useful to me. If you look back through the threads, many took longer than 60 days to resolve, some very useful threads went on for a long time. You will also see that some issues aren't solved by TI, it may take a while for an engineer to resolve because a project can last over a year and a few issues don't become fully resolved until you go to production. If I have an issue on a project I'm working on, I would like to watch it and see if someone else has a comment or similar issue during the entire time I'm working on a project. Sometimes people come up with a better solution later. Now the thread is only useful to the original poster and TI, you might as well use e-mail. I see more threads resolved artificially recently - they really aren't resolved, but a response is selected as the last word. I really hate the locking, this was a forum where you could interact. I would rather see you remove the 'answered' feature than add locking, anyone that has a similar problem will read all the posts. These were useful discussion forums, now you are turning this into a question/answer website. Why didn't you just start a separate Q/A section for people who are looking for that? I could go on but I'm really busy. In a few months when my project is over I will have time to add more to this ...

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