Suggested Answer

I posted a question, and later, a reply was posted that somehow became a "Suggested Answer".  Now, when one quickly scans the listing of threads at the top of the specific forum (say, "Proprietary Sub 1Ghz...") , that question's thread appears to have an answer (or at least a potential answer).

However, the reply that identified as the "Suggested Answer" does not really answer my question. So I tried to "Reject" it (no offense!) , specifically because I hoped my thread would no longer appear to have an answer, but the website keeps restoring the "Suggested Answer" state.

So, how is this scheme supposed to work?


  • The website does not automatically restore the suggested answer state so we can examine the thread. The delay could be related to our daily updates to the tables for the filtering views.

    Chinh, WW Community Program Manager