Since the original was moved (without notification), a reference for those interested in the failings of the forum upgrade.


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    OK, much here should be responded to.

    As far as your previous post (AWOL II) that you commented on being moved,

    My complaint was less that it was moved than that no justification was provided for moving it.

    Now personally I was not aware this forum even existed and I suspect I'm not the only one (and why would we go to a learning forum to report bugs in any case?). The reason I posted this thread, and I was I believe justified in doing so, was to alert those who have been reporting and characterizing unfortunate changes to the forum that there was further discussion and reports of behaviour. Moving such discussion w/o notice to those interested in it appears to be somewhat less than forthright. Since I did not think this was the objective but simply an oversight I provided that link for those involved so they could contribute their own observations and discussions.

    The effect of segregating discussion is to silence it. You will note that the original discussion was confined to a single thread and provided minimal disturbance to the hosting forum.

      I appreciate your concern and disapproval of the "LIKE" button being removed

    You should note that I made almost no note of the like button absence. You might also note that I appear to have touched upon a sore point. And the issue I did raise (and which I quoted in the message) has not been addressed in the previous four months since it was reported.

    The title I used was for continuity with the previous thread. I would have posted to that thread but apparently that is verboten. Again something which we had no notice of happening, nor has my query on that point been addressed either.

    FYI, the changes for the LIKE button, replaced by the RESOLVED button,

    This runs contrary to the actual history of the changes.

    • Originally there were three buttons, "Like", "Propose as a Solution", and "This Solved my Problem"
    • Next the "Like" button was dropped. This change touched off the original discussion thread I referenced. The justification given was that like was found confusing and getting mixed up with the other buttons. Not only did this seem odd it was contradicted by the evidence seen in the forum we frequent. There was indeed some confusion but the confusion was between "Propose as a solution" and "This solved my Problem" The corrective action taken appeared to target the button that was not part of the problem. Nor was it clear (at least to me) that there was in fact an actual problem.
    • Confusion since continued. Either in response or just as random changes (again no justification has ever been suggested) the remaining two buttons were retitled
    • The posts flagged by the buttons then had the flagging text changed to "resolved" (similar to the original wording As I recall) and "TI Thinks Resolved" The latter was quite confusing when it first came out since it rather strongly implies that TI has vetted the answer and suggests that TI support personnel are no longer following the discussion. I did raise the latter concern.
    • The most current change it appears from reports is to make it impossible for someone who has mistakenly flagged an issue as resolved (a confusion that still happens despite all the changes) from correcting that error.

    These last two changes in particular make it appear that the concern with the changes was not driven by user's confusion but rather driven by some internal metrics which rewards the number of issues marked resolved.

    Given the above I would not accept the assertion that "like" was replaced, it was simply removed.

    please reiterate your position and describe the benefits of having the LIKE feature, how it might enhance the E2E experience

    I think the original discussion, laid that out well but there are several basic issues

    • First the evidence would appear to run contrary to the claimed justification for removing the 'Like'
    • Second and relatedly "Like" is widespread in multiple forums and well understood
    • Third "For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward." TI as a company is getting considerable benefit from the work of others in these forums. At least in the forum I participate in, many of the questions are answered not by TI personnel but other participants. Nor is it that the outside participants are only picking off the easy questions. This feedback of appreciation hardly seems overpriced. And while the coin seems small it is that little spark that will keep people engaged. Forums are fragile robust entities, there is a  certain momentum that keeps them active for a while after the minor change that dooms them. Sometimes by the time the downward spiral is obvious it is too late to correct course. That correction must take place before the spiral becomes easily apparent.
    • Fourth, in the absence of a like button, replacements have emerged in the form of "Good post" and "I agree" posts. They are simultaneously more intrusive and less effective IMO.

    Speaking of the original discussion, we have been led to believe that the like button was indeed being considered not dismissed.


    I do note that like is not banished from this forum.