feature request

It would be nice to be able to order all the posts I've done by date and time.  For instance I know I asked a question a month ago and now I need that data for a design but I have to go through all my previous posts to find it.  It would also be nice if there was an easier way to find all my posts in one place.  Maybe it exists by I had to go to my profile and finally find that little link that said "posts".   Just a friendly feature request for the future.

Thank you

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for the suggestion. If you click your Avatar -> Profile, then click on the linked number beside your Posts count the page returned includes several filters. One of those filters will allow you to change the date range for the posts shown. You should be able to filter by Past Week, Past Month, etc.


    Bill Traynor
    E2E SysAdmin/DevOps