Need help with posting editor

I'm using IE11, and having trouble dealing with the editor provided for posting new messages and replies.  I see others attaching files, but see no such option in the editor.  Also, is there a way to make the editor leave the horizontal spaces alone so tables look right?  And is there a way to preview what it's going to look like?

Sorry to be such a dunderhead, but I just can't figure it out.

  • In reply to William Traynor:

    So I try to upload example.asm from my computer, and I get some giant icon.  I right click on that, and select show link only.  Now we'll see what that looks like when I Post it.

    Edit:  That worked ok, so I've deleted the test file.

    Edit:  Still no solution to the horizontal spacing problem.  HTML, or Courier New, doesn't seem to help.  Neither does paste from Word.  So I guess attaching files will have to be the solution to that problem.  Well one thing I haven't tried, and that's changing my profile to use a plaintext editor.  It's funny though - others seem to be able to make things line up.  Wonder how they do that.

    Edit2:  I was wrong about New Courier.  I thought I could select it, then paste the code.  But that doesn't work.  It pastes in the default font.  But I can come back after the paste, select everything, and then change the font.   And that makes everything line up.  So I guess it's all working.  Thanks for the help.