HAPPY Birthday (whoops) "NEW YEAR" ... Forum Users! (Especially "Candle or Fire" users.)

Best - "to all who see these presents."      (writing "borrowed" from a past U.S. Gov't certificate)

May 2018 bring health, peace/friendship, and "programming success" - to all here...

(as the (bit) errant Subject Line/Thread Title) reveals  -  one

  • should not "drive"
  • nor  "compose/design"

while, "under the influence."

Happy & successful New Year to all...

(in slight (very slight) defense - cb1 birthday - (very) close to this date!)

Must "seize the moment" and offer deep "thanks" to the many  forum Agents  who  generously,  "Guide those here (especially moi) to programming & design Success!"      Mercî.

It may perhaps be noted that simple  "candles"  are no longer the (sole/only) means to,  "illuminate a celebration."      (note the "pleasing glow" from one "more "inspired!")

(and - for those (sure to ask) ... ...  "Not YET - have we, "Burned down our Lab!")

 And - for  "extra credit" ...  why are the "Left-most" candle replacements  outperforming  those  further right?

  • In reply to Robert Adsett:

    Robert Adsett
    And there really is such a place.

    Mais certainement mon ami - mais certainement...    How possibly could, "So pristine a Tech Reward" be offered up - w/any "hint" of  "forked tongue?"

    Should you "look further" - at/around that building - several "DeLoreans" reveal - each one "upgraded" via the addition of "CAN Connected" Systems.      (via vendor's LX4F & 4C123!)

    Might "real analysis" compare/contrast, "Back to the Future" vs. "Advance to the Past?"

    Gotta go - "McFly on Line 2!"     (and area code reveals "Jersey.")