Get a quotation to buy more than the limitation of store.ti

Dear All

I am a University Professor and I need to buy 

LAUNCHXL-F28379D  C2000 Delfino MCUs F28379D LaunchPad Development Kit   6 items
BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM  3-Phase Motor Drive BoosterPack Evaluation Module  

8 items

but on the store.ti, there is a limitation of only 1 item per cart for these parts

How can I get a quotation to buy more than 1 item and the procedure to pay by bank transfer from the University lab instead of using my Visa card as if it were a personal purchase.


  • In reply to Kristen Lindsey:

    Yes, so I went to ask Farnell for a quotation since store.ti can't propose all these quantities and a possibility to get a formal quotation to pay by bank transfer from the university.

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  • In reply to William Traynor:

    Hi Bill
    Thank you for the help. the limit of the drv8305 are still 5 items I need 8
    the limit of the Delfino are okay but I need a normal quotation to the university
    I cannot buy with the way of the estore.ti because I need a ti bank account coordinate , a service that can deliver me invoice and send the items international to another place ( billing is not deliver address)
    If you have an email of a service that can do this procedure it will be fine otherwise I can't buy this way and I have to find other distributors that can work this way

    (I just bought on my own a DRV8305 and also 2 weeks ago 2 F28027F, I am still looking for a solution to buy the equipment for my lab through University budget)

    Thank you

  • In reply to Kristen Lindsey:

    Hi, ok, so it seems that the only solution for me is to buy through a TI authorized distributor.
    Best regards,