Please Delete


i have a post in High Reliability Forum: "Wrong Device Marking speculation", i posted there because when i typed  TPS73250, the only option was TPS73250-EP, that took me to that forum.

There is a message from a TI Employee saying that he would move to the correct team, but it dosn't seem to be moved, so i created a new thread in linear reg., with TPS732 part, because it seems more accurrate.

That post became duplicated, so i think it's better to remove my post in High Reliability, can someone do it?

  • Hi Rodrigo,
    The move that Wade was referring to was an internal designation so that the LDO Product Apps team would see your post. I went ahead and also moved the Forum to Linear Regulators, and deleted the -EP designation, so all is in alignment now.
    I did not see an additional new post from you; if you did create a new one, please provide the link to that thread, otherwise, this edited original thread should be sufficient for your inquiry.