02) E2E Account Settings

Learn how you can update your E2E Account Settings for the TI E2E Community.

To update your E2E Account Settings at anytime, (1) click on your E2E Avatar in the top right (when logged in) as shown below and click on (3) Settings to edit your E2E Settings and E2E Profile display options:

Updating your E2E Account Settings

Under E2E community preferences you can update your E2E Account Settings with three main tabs for: E2E options; Activity settings; E2E email preferences.

  • Edit your E2E Options
    • Nick name
    • Display your email to other E2E users
    • Display your location to other E2E users
    • Display your social details to other E2E users
      • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
      • Personal Website (including Blog)
    • Set your content editor (Note: Setting your content editor to plain text will keep the the Rich Text Editor from displaying) and time zone
  • Edit your activity settings
    • Blog activities
    • Forum activities
    • Media gallery activities
    • Wiki activities
    • Activity subscriptions - Set who can subscribe to your E2E activity: All users; Friends only; None
  • Edit your E2E email preferences
    • Do not send me E2E emails
    • E2E notifications
      • Send notifications
      • Enable status message & comment email notifications
      • Enable conversation notifications
    • Forum post notifications
      • New threads only
      • All posts
    • Conversations configuration
      • None
      • Friends only
      • All users
    • Email digests
      • Displays groups and sub-groups you are currently an active member of
      • Options: Do not send a digest; Daily; Weekly
    • Email configuration - Receive E2E emails in HTML (otherwise sends as plain text)