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The TI E2E Community blog is where you'll find information on new E2E features, profiles on important contributors and discussions on hot topics throughout the forums. E2E can be a daunting place with a ton of information, and this blog aims to be your home page, your main hub that you can come to and get your bearings before heading off to explore the plethora of great content hosted here. We are your humble hosts, feel free to ask any questions and if we can't answer them on our own, we guarantee we'll find someone who can.

Now, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Blake Ethridge
Blake Ethridge Blake Ethridge is the Social Media Community Engagement Manager for TI. His responsibilities include running all online community and social media strategies for E2E initiatives. He joined TI in March 2010, and has a passion for great customer experience, great support, business management and social business strategy for B2B and B2C online communities. Blake has nearly 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C online communities, online marketing and web strategy.

Rajiv Kommineni
Rajiv Kommineni is TI’s Worldwide E2E Community manager.  His responsibilities include managing the business relationships with the various constituents that make up E2E.