msp430 Limericks

(9 9 6 6 9)
There was a controller from T-I,
Whose power settings were almost nigh'.
A demo one could see.
Two grapes could power thee:
Adrian cant drink on the job, sigh!

(10 10 7 7 10)
My voltage needed is lower than most
And this is not merely an idle boast.
With two alkaline I run
Even on two grapes I'm fun.
But don't use five volts or I will be toast!

(8 8 6 6 8 )
My methods are easy to know;
I have examples to follow.
C-C-S you can learn -
Just take time to discern.
Recall I'm not an Arduino!

(10 10 7 7 10)
Eric Gregori makes robots with me.
My code he writes in the language of C.
"G" chips make the robots go -
He has put on a great show.
Go view on his dot org named "robot see"!

- Doug Emes