Launchpad Walker a Bipedal walking robot using the TI Launchpad

The Launchpad Walker combines the Lynxmotion BRAT jr. with a TI Launchpad.

The total cost of the robot is less the $120.00 thanks to the low cost TI Launchpad and the MSP430G2553 free sample program.

I upgraded the MSP430G2211 with a MSP430G2553 that I got as a free sample from TI.  The black Radio Shack project

box has 4 AA batteries to power the RC servos.

You can read about the software here:



The robot is easily controlled using hyperterminal and a spare USB port.

Servos are controlled using the 'P' command, and the rate of motion is controlled

by the 'R' command.

P07560       will move servo 0 to position 7560

Servos can be moved with a .25us resolution (2000-9999).

The rate controls how fast the servo moves.

The attacked zip file includes all the code,  a text file "script" to make the robot walk, and a hyperterminal configuration file.


The next step is interfacing a Pololu 3D compass and accelerometer to the available I2C port on the

MSP430G2553.  Then the robot will be able to walk better and balance on one leg.

Keep on eye on  for future upgrades to the robot.