Stellaris Launchpad Data Logger v1.0 (Fixed)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION (GUI & Codes Updated: See "User Guide" Section)

The main aim of the project was to create a Simple, Easy to control Graphic User Interface (GUI) to display, plot and log the data obtained from the ADC pins as well as the Internal Temperature Sensor of the Stellaris Launchpad via a H/W UART Interface. The GUI for this purpose was created using Visual C# and can be used on any Windows based PC/Laptop. The newer version of the GUI also allows the user to control Port B Pins (Switch ON/OFF) of the Stellaris Launchpad.

Project in Action

                        Fig: Graphic User Interface (GUI) of the Project (Updated)


  • Obtain & Display data obtained from the ADC pins of the launchpad easily.
  • Data obtained can be plotted realtime & Graphs can be saved in standard image formats.
  • Data can also be logged into an excel file and saved for further use.
  • Toggle On Board LED(s) (Just for fun !)
  • Toggle Port B Pins on the Stellaris Launchpad


You need to upload a code file to Stellaris Launchpad for working with the GUI. The code and the application GUI can be downloaded from the link below: 8078.stellaris data logger v1.0.rar

Extract the Contents of the download file and open the main.c file in "Launchpad Code" folder using Code Composer Studio and upload the code to the Stellaris Launchpad. The Code is commented properly for those who are new to the Stellaris Launchpad environment. You can also view the video for the demonstration of the GUI. The link is embedded in this post.


1. You will need the Stellarisware library files to upload the code to the Launchpad. The procedure to import Stellarisware headers to the CCS project is given in the TI Stellaris Launchpad Workshop Manual).  You can download the Workshop Manual from here: LINK . The StellarisWare library files can be downloaded from here: LINK

2. Incase you find that the GUI is not working, please install .NET Framework 4.0 from here: LINK

3. You will also need to download Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs: LINK 

For any queries and suggestions, feel free to drop me a mail.

  • This program is indeed very handy! Many thanks for making it!

    There only one little thing you could change - the title of the project! Right now it's "lab4" or something. It means you can't import the project into your workspace if you happen to have lab4 in it too. Besides, it's just confusing :)

    Other than that, I cannot ask for anything more, really. Nicely done!

  • Something is wrong with the application code. it fails to launch frequently, i have only gotten it to launch once. it crashes every time.  Can you provide the c# code?

  • Good job, but it seems to be an error in the calculation . If I put 3.3V on a pin, the GUI displays 3.0V. The ADC value is 4096.

    I use the TIVA C.

    A good solution would be if you could set the reference voltage yourself.