Are you an educator or student? Ensure your myTI profile is updated with your university information. To access TI University Program benefits and relevant communications, your profile "Company Name" must list your university and your "Job Function" should reflect either student or teacher/faculty. 

  1. Login to myTI
  2. Click on "Profile information" on the left
  3. Enter a valid University name in the "Company Name" field
  4. Select either "Teacher/Faculty or "Student" within the Job Function dropdown

myTI account has many benefits to you – tool donations and special offers for educators, free samples for both students and educators, technical assistance through TI's E2E™ Community and more. 

•  Order evaluation modules, development kits, software and free samples
   - A valid University address (for example .edu, .ac, tum.ed) or business email domain is required to order free samples on Non-business email domains (e.g.,,, etc.) are not permitted when ordering free samples.
•  Get technical assistance through TI's E2E™ Community
•  Create, simulate and optimize systems in WEBENCH® Design Center
•  Manage product, tool and software alerts
•  Set eNewsletter subscriptions
•  Personalize your profile and preferences