LaunchPad is a low-cost, fully featured development platform designed to introduce users to microcontrollers. Starting at $9.99 USD, LaunchPad boards offer a snapshot into the world of TI’s broad MCU portfolio.
  • Blink LEDs, spin motors, make robots and much more with easy-to-use LaunchPads
  • Open hardware platform
  • Teach students basic programming
  • Scalable software ecosystem
  • Expand with BoosterPack plug-in modules

Following are recommended LaunchPads for academia. For a complete list of TI's LaunchPad portfolio, visit or download the LaunchPad Selection Guide (slat152)

 LaunchPad + BoosterPack combinations enable rapid prototyping of various applications and projects. Stack BoosterPacks on top of LaunchPads to create thousands of new possibilities.
 Connect your LaunchPad to a breadboard to build your own system and easily program external chips.
Recommended LaunchPads and BoosterPacks for Academia
LaunchPad BoosterPack
• Ultra-Low Power
• U.S. $9.99
 CC110L RF BoosterPack
• U.S. $19.00
• Integrated full-speed USB 2.0
• U.S. $12.99
 Educational BoosterPack by CircuitCo
• 2 x 16 LCD display
• White LED
• Red-Green-Blue LED
• 3-axis accelerometer
• U.S. $24.95
 SimpleLink™ CC3100 BoosterPack
• U.S. $35.29
C2000™ MCU
• Real-Time Control
• U.S. $17
 C2000 LED BoosterPack
• U.S. $30.00
• Real-Time Control with InstaSPIN™
• U.S. $17
 Motor Drive BoosterPack
• U.S. $49.00
• Catalog ARM® Cortex®-M4F MCU
• U.S. $12.99
 Sensor Hub BoosterPack
• U.S. $49.99
• ARM Cortex-M4F with ENet MAC+PHY
• U.S. $19.99
 GPIO Breakout BoosterPack
• U.S. $19.59
Energia Code Composer Studio™
Integrated Development
  • Open-source and communitydriven development environment
  • Free and downloads in seconds
  • Simple and quick to learn API
  • Easy functions for blinking LEDs, buzzing buzzers and sensing sensors
  • Arduino compatible
Learn more at
  • Robust and full engineering software IDE across all TI embedded MCUs and processors
Learn more at
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Checkout the project repository for design ideas, resources and inspiration and while you’re there, feel free to share your latest and greatest project based on TI parts.

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