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BeagleBone Black     
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BeagleBone Black offers a low cost, high performance embedded computing platform for software courses in the CS and CompE curriculum with access to all the IO and add-ons needed for building embedded systems for any engineering course. With the new BoneScript capability, design and non-engineering courses needing access to a small, low cost high performing compute platform will find BeagleBone Black easy to use.

  • Based on TI Sitara™ ARM® Cortex –A8 (AM3359A) 1GHz Processor
  • 512MB DDR3L memory,  2GB on-board eMMC Flash
  • USB Client: power, debug and device & USB host
  • µSD card slot, Ethernet, Micro-HDMI output, 2x46 pin headers
  • Over 20 ‘cape’ plug on daughter boards and ease to build your own to expand capability
  • Software compatibility: Linux, Android and Cloud9 IDE on Node.js with BoneScript library
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Recommended Teaching Materials for the BeagleBone Black:
Teaching Repository      This course provides a brief introduction to Linux on a 32-bit embedded processor. Detailed study of what happens from power up the fully running X-Windows. Adapting Linux to a given application including: boot time reduction, power management and root filesystem support. Streaming media on an embedded processor. Using a DSP co-processor to improve performance. A series of over 19 lab assignments and then a design project are completed.

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Getting Started with BeagleBone      Known for his easy getting started videos and blogs, Matt’s book explores the use of Linux powered projects using Python and JavaScript. This book introduces you to both the original BeagleBone and the new BeagleBone Black.

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Bad to the Bone: Crafting Electronic Systems with BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black      This comprehensive book provides detailed materials for both novice and experienced programmers using all BeagleBone variants which host a powerful 32-bit, super-scalar TI Sitara ARM Cortex A8 processor.  Authored by two who like to get their hands into projects, a seasoned ECE educator along with the founder of, the work may be used in a wide variety of projects from science fair projects to university courses and senior design projects to first prototypes of very complex systems.

Morgan Claypool with provide a free downloadable textbook to any professor who would like to evaluate it for course adoption. Contact

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Recommended videos for the BeagleBone Black:

Derek Molloy from Dublin City College video teaching series on the BeagleBone and programming in embedded Linux - well suited for use as materials for university courses.

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BeagleBone Black Board Tour     

Tour all the features of BeagleBone Black and get a sneak peek of what to expect during your first experience.

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BeagleBone Black Reveal     

It's the moment you've been waiting for... the reveal of BeagleBone Black!

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BeagleBone Black Atrix Demo     

Watch as BeagleBone Black makes a phone dock into a portable, laptop computer!

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BeagleBone Black BeagleBrew     

BeagleBone Black helps maintain a constant temperature in this home brew system.

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  • With BeagleBone Black, the next-generation offering from, everyone from makers to engineers has access to a ready-to-use, 1GHz computer platform for only $45. This credit-card-sized, Linux computer is a truly flexible open hardware and software development platform that makes it quick and easy to transform great ideas into products. BeagleBone Black allows developers to leverage the ideas and knowledge of the highly active and engaged users of the community who support each other from concept through development. When using BeagleBone Black, opportunities for innovation are endless.

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