Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge: India analog design contest 2014 launched!

Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge: India analog design contest 2014 launched!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our TI Innovation Challenge: India for engineering students across India. The competition allows students to design products using at least three TI analog ICs, or two TI analog ICs and a TI embedded processors. The two-tiered design contest starts at the college level across India now and culminates in a national level contest in April 2014. The winners at the national level will receive a prize of Rs.5.38 lakh ($10,000) and a trophy.

 “Innovation Challenge: India will help us to draw students to the field of system design,” said C P Ravikumar, technical director - University Relations, TI India. “The college level contests will help us to identify student teams who will take part in the national level innovation challenge.” “TI is committed to nurturing engineering talent and our University program helps bring everyone together who is helping to equip students with industry-necessary skill-sets,” said Steve Lyle, director, diversity & workforce development, TI.

“As a company focused on innovation, we hope to inspire students to get creative with technology and chip design.” “In India, we have a robust University program encompassing over 800 engineering colleges to help encourage innovation in system and applications design using TI’s Analog and Embedded Processing products,” said R Madhu, director, University Programmes, TI India.

Texas Instruments has partnered with Cranes Software and some regional partners to conduct the college level contests across the country.

  • will the faculty mentor will get certificates for this competition.

  • i need sensor for my project can i able to get that in that $200 which u provide

  • Can you tell me the results please?

  • Is there any Project competition for who have completed engg. in 2012

  • How do i register. Im being redirected to a page showing "Page not found"...404 :(

    Any help please, ASAP,

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Hi Suraj Bonagiri:

    Please try to register and submit the proposal at www.ti.com/tiic-in . We double checked and all links are working. Perhaps try switching browsers or computers. Thanks!


    Amber Pizano

  • Ms.Pizano, thank you for the reply. I have another issue.

    It was given that "two TI analog ICs and a TI embedded processors."...

    So, can BeagleBone Black come under TI Embedded processor...

    Thank you very much.

    Regards Suraj Bonagiri

  • Hi Mr. Bonagiri,

    I'm glad you ask. Yes, BeagleBone Black is accepted as a TI Embedded processor in the TI Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2015. http://www.ti.com/tiic-in


    Amber Pizano

  • Sorry for bothering u again and again Ms Pizano but I was not clear enough in my previous query...

    Suppose if I mention BeagleBone in the components list, will I be getting the board? I'm planning to use this board as centraprocessing unit. Or will I get only the processor ie., "AM335x ARM Cortex A8 Sitara". Based on this I need to plan further.

    Thank You very much.

  • Hello Suraj,

    Yes, we will be providing you the board. However, if you require processor IC you need to mention that separately in your request form indicating the exact part number. Fro any further queries, please write to ti-india-dc@list.ti.com