Help reg. CC2500 Evaluation Module 2.4 Ghz

Hi everyone,

I am having problems acquiring knowledge about CC2500 EMK. We wish to do RF Tx/Rx using these modules. We initially just ordered CC2500 SMD's instead of the Evaluation Module.

But even now if we get the Evaluation Module fabricated,will we be able to use it directly or do we need to have to use the development kit.

TI Description says"

These evaluation modules in combination with a motherboard from a CC2500 development kit is designed to help the user to achieve his/hers objectives as quickly as possible.

This evaluation kit includes 2 CC2500EM evaluation modules and antennas. These evaluation modules are add-on daughter boards that require a CC2500 development kit for evaluation and development."

If we cannot use the evaluation module what other alternatives do we have?

Thanking in advance


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  • The cc2500 chip is a system on chip which should be programmed using cc debugger...

    you need CC Debugger and programming interface on your board.

    you can program it and use it for radio as well as you can use the I/O ports available in the CC2500 chip..

    I hope the following link will help you more

    All The Best.

  • In reply to Nanda kumar.v:

    Thank You for the above information sir.

    Being new to this field I am not getting a hold onto what all things I will be requiring.Can you also help me out on this.

    My aim is to send processed data via as MSP430,to this CC2500 evaluation module.So woundn't it be sufficient if I use the TX/RX pins on the MSP Launchpad board to send data onto the pins of the CC2500EM. 

    For what purpose would I require a CC debugger? And could u also throw some insight on the use of SmartRF Studio? Will I be requiring it for my project?

    Sir,kindly correct me if I am wrong and thank you for ur time and for such a great and fast response.


  • In reply to Nitin Sharma1:

    you are trying to send some data's through the rx/tx lines

    cc debugger is the programming interface between the cc 2500 chip and your pc/laptop

    and the smart rf studio is the software tool used to program the cc2500....

    yes just connect the rx/tx lines to the micro controller's pin ...

    but you have to program cc2500 chip to send and receive data's ...

    you informed that you are having cc2500 chip's received from texas

    it is an empty chip 

    you can find the code examples in the following link

    under the related products & software a zip file (841k)  contains the cc1100 cc1101 cc2500 example codes....

  • In reply to Nanda kumar.v:

    Sir, I do not have a CC debugger. So is there no alternative to it??