ControlEasy MSP430 v1.0

Project Description

The project involves design & development of a Graphic User Interface for easy control and testing of MSP430 based hardware. I started this long back but couldn't find the time to finish it.

The current version requires a H/W UART enabled MSP430 chip for eg. msp430g2553 (comes with TI Launchpad) for its functioning. After finishing with MSP430 lauchpad, i will shift to other TI platforms such as C2000 & Stellaris Lauchpad (I am hoping to receive these from TI soon).

The GUI is developed on Visual C# and is still under the process of development.

GUI Features:

Basically, the GUI allows you to test and develop hardware and software without actually having to write any code for the device. With present version, you can perform ADC and display the output, generate PWM signals, set pins to HIGH or LOW etc.

In future, feature such as LCD Interfacing, SPI, I2C etc will be added to the GUI (I will try to finish it by end of October, 2012 & will start with Stellaris Lauchpad in November).


User's Guide

You need to upload a code file to MSP430 H/W UART enabled chip (MSP430g2553) for working with GUI. The code and the application GUI can be downloaded from the link below: 2620.msp430 controlware v1.0.rar

Extract the Content of the File and open the main.c file in '"ControlWare_MSP430" folder using Code Composer Studio and upload the code using Lauchpad. You can also view the video for the demonstration of the GUI. Also, there is a help Menu given in the GUI itself. Be sure to check it out in case you need any help.

For any queries and suggestions, feel free to drop me a mail.