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    With the power of TI's broad portfolio of analog and embedded processing ICs, the right tool or part for your project is closer than ever! We highly recommend students browse our portfolio to find the right part that fits your needs. TI works to make it easy to identify the device or evaluation module you are looking for with a variety of selection tools and guides below.
    • WEBENCH Design Center– WEBENCH Designer tools are powerful software algorithms and visual interfaces that deliver complete power, lighting, and sensing applications in seconds. This enables the user to make value based comparisons at a system and supply chain level before a design is committed.
    • Analog
      • Analog Products Landing Page – Learn about the latest products, find application examples, and browse through the most comprehensive analog portfolio in the industry.

    • Embedded Processing
      • Microcontrollers Selection Tool Know your design needs? Find the perfect microcontroller via an intuitive online selection guide.
      • Digital Signal Processors Selection Tool – Select the perfect processor for your needs based upon over 25 different criteria.
      • ARM®-Based Processors – Looking to start your next design with ARM? You've come to the right place for the system-level solutions, software and silicon you need to explore and create new innovations for your project.
      • Embedded Processing Portal – Take a view across our entire Embedded Processing portfolio – you are guaranteed to find one to fit your needs!

    We have a broad portfolio of high-performance analog and embedded processing ICs and want you to have easy access to the chips you need. You can order chips free through our Sample Program.

    In some cases, certain ICs are not made available through the Sample Program. In this case, we recommend working with one of TI's Authorized Distributors to purchase these devices.  Many distributors, such as Digi-Key and Mouser, have deep experience working with universities for their small-quantity device needs.

    General-Purpose ICs
    Category Integrated Circuits (ICs) Part number Description
    General-Purpose ADC  THS1206M 12-bit, 6-MSPS A/D converter, quad-channel, integrated 16x FIFO, channel autoscan, low power
    Instrumentation ADC ADS1258 24-bit, fast channel cycling ΔΣ ADC
    High-Speed ADC  ADS1605 16-bit, 5-MSPS ΔΣ A/D converter
    ADS1606 16-bit, 5-MSPS single-channel ΔΣ ADC with FIFO
    General-Purpose DAC  DAC8554 16-bit, quad channel, ultra-low glitch, voltage output D/A converter
    Projects: Portable instrumentation, closed-loop servo-control and PC peripherals
    High-Precision DAC  DAC8534 2.7-V to 5.5-V, quad-channel, 16-bit, serial input DAC
    Projects: Portable instrumentation, programmable attenuation, and PC peripherals
    High-Speed DAC  DAC8581 16-bit, high-speed, low-noise, voltage output D/A converter
    Projects: CRT projection/TV digital convergence, waveform generation and ultrasound projects
    Low-Dropout Regulator (LDO)  TPS73501 Single-output LDO, 500-mA, adjustable, low quiescent current, low noise, high PSRR
    Multi-Cell Li-Ion Charger  bq24750A Host-controlled, multi-chemistry battery charger w/integrated system power selector
    Projects: Notebook PCs, portable DVD players, Webpads and tablet PCs
    Power Sequencer  UCD9080 Power supply sequencer and monitor
    Projects: Telecommunications switches, servers, networking equipment and test equipment
    LED Driver  TLC5940 16-channel LED driver w/EEprom dot correction and grayscale PWM control
    Projects: Mono-color, multi-color, and full-color LED displays, LED signboards and display backlighting
    AC/DC Controller  UCC28600 8-pin quasi resonant flyback green-mode controller
    Projects: Supplies for LCD monitors, LCD-TV, PDP-TV and set-top boxes, AC/DC adapters and offline battery chargers
    Buck/Boost for Portable Applications  TPS63000 96% buck-boost converter with 1.8-A current switches in 3x3 QFN
    Projects: Portable audio players, PDAs, cellular phones and personal medical apps
    TPS62400 Dual, adjustable, 400-mA and 600-mA, 2.25-MHz step-down converter with 1-wire interface in QFN
    TPS61200 0.3-V input voltage boost converter with 1.3-A switches and down mode in a 3x3 QFN
    Projects: Portable media players, digital radio, digital cameras, fuel cell- and solar cell-powered projects
    Wide-Input Buck  TPS5430 5.5-V to 36-V, 3-A, 500-kHz step-down SWIFT™ converter
    TPS40200 Wide input non-synchronous buck DC/DC controller
    Projects: Set-top boxes, DVD, industrial and car audio power supplies, distributed power systems and DSL/cable modems
    High-Current Buck  TPS54010 2.2-V to 4.0-V, 14-A synchronous step-down SWIFT™ converter
    TPS40055 Wide input (8V-40V) up to 1-MHz frequency synchronous buck controller, source/sink
    Projects: Broadband, networking, optical communications infrastructure and industrial servers
    MOSFET CSD16413Q5A N-channel NexFET™ power MOSFET
    Instrumentation Amp  INA118 Precision, low-power instrumentation amp
    Op Amps  OPA277 High-precision op amp, single
    OPA2277 High-precision op amp, dual
    OPA4277 High-precision op amp, quad
    Analog switch TS12A4517 Low-voltage, low on-state resistance SPST CMOS analog switches
    Low-Power RF
    LPRF devices cover 2 frequency ranges CC10XX
    Sub 1GHz, ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) and frequency bands at 315, 433, 868 and 915MHz
    CC24XX -2.4GHz, ISM and SRD band: 2,400 - 2,483.5MHz
    MSP430 Ultra-low Power MCUs MSP430FG4618 Integrated signal chain: ADC, DAC, op-amps, 16MHz, LCD controller
    MSP430F5438 Next-generation MSP430, ADC, 256-KB memory, 25MHz
    MSP430F169 General-purpose MCU, ultra-low power, 64-KB memory
    MSP430F2013 DIP package available, ultra-low power, smallest MSP430, easy to use
    C2000 Real-Time Control MCUs TMS320F28335 Floating point, 150MHz w/ hi-res PWMs

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