Innovation Challenge: India

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Texas Instruments - Innovation Challenge - India Design Contest 2015

Innovate using Texas Instruments Analog ICs and Embedded Processors!

We proudly announce the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2015 for engineering students from India! The contest aims at promoting IC-based system design among student community.

Qualifying Round (April 4, 2014 - September 30, 2014)

Each team must register on and submit a project proposal (template) along with the components request form (refer Tools Selection Guide) and Letter of Intent signed by HOD no later than 23:59 (IST) on 30th September 2014. The proposals meeting the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by an expert panel as per Qualifying Round Evaluation criteria and the shortlisted teams (Quarter finalists) will be notified by October 30, 2014. 

Quarter Finals (November 2014 – February 16, 2015)

 The Quarter finalists will receive TI components (worth USD 250 - based on the TI’s published commercial prices on by November 2014.   The teams will complete their prototype, submit project report & a video of their project by February 16, 2015 and will receive a participation certificate on successful submission. The project reports and videos (previous year's winners) will be reviewed by an expert panel as per Quarter Final Evaluation Criteria. Shortlisted teams (Semi finalists) will be intimated by March 15, 2015

Semi finals (March 15, 2015  – April 15, 2015)

Semifinalists will be invited to one of nearest Regional Demonstration and Evaluation Events to present prototype of their projects in March & April 2015. A team of experts will review all the projects as per Semifinal Evaluation Criteria and identify 10 finalists by April 15, 2015.

  • All the Semifinalists will receive USD 200
  • Most Popular YouTube Video Demo will receive USD 1000
  • Best Demonstration will receive  USD 1000
  • Top Women’s Team will receive USD 1000

Finals (April 15, 2015 – June 10, 2015)

Finalists will work to convert prototype into a well defined product and will be invited at TI Bangalore Campus on June 10, 2015 to exhibit their product. All the products will be reviewed by a panel of experts as per Final Evaluation Criteria.


  • All the finalists will receive USD 500
  • The top prize, Chairman's Award, has a tag of USD 10000
  • The first runner-up prize has a tag of USD 5000
  • The second runner-up prize has a tag of USD 2000 

Who can take part?

  • THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE to participate in the contest.
  • This Contest is open to all UG, PG & Ph.D. students from engineering Institutions across India.
  • A team must comprise a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 students.A student must not be a part of multiple teams.All the members of a team must be from the same college campus.Students from different departments within a college can form a team.
  • Each team must name at least one professor from the same Institution as “Faculty Mentor”.Teams can have a maximum of 2 Faculty Mentors.
  • Students graduating in 2015 or later are eligible to participate in the contest.

How do you apply?

  • Submit an on-line proposal at the website
  • All proposals will be acknowledged.
  • ICs and EVMs/kits worth USD $250 required for the project will be provided free of cost (see Tools Selection Guide).
  • TI will only provide TI components for implementing the project; all the other non-TI components must be procured by the team; TI will not reimburse the teams the cost for these components 

Benefits for students

  • Attractive cash prizes! The top prize, named Chairman's Award, has a tag of USD 10000! The first runner-up prize has a tag of USD 5000. The third prize has a tag of USD 2000.
  • Certificates of Participation to all team members.
  • Opportunity to take part in TI's internship/placement process.
  • Opportunity to interact with TI designers and customers.

Benefits for faculty mentors and college

  • USD $250 worth of development tools and ICs per team.
  • High visibility in external forums.
  • Recognition through plaque for winning faculty mentors.
  • Opportunity to take part in TI forums such as TI India Educators' Conference.


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  • Dear Sir,

                 is there any TI board which have Cortex M + Cortex A processor on chip or on board??? would you give me link??

  • when i click on the "template" hyperlink i get a 404 file not found error. please help.....

  • I am Abhinav, a student of R.V. college of engineering. I and my friends wish to participate in TI innovation challenge. We are a team of 6 against the maximum of 5 as mentioned in website.

    We want to know if it is possible for all 6 of our names to be included in proposal without being disqualified. We'll be waiting for your reply.

    Thank you

  • Thanks a lot for extending the deadline :D

  • When are the shortlisted teams announced?it was supposed to be today.but we have not recieved any it that only shortlisted teams will get mail or everyone who submitted the proposal will get the mail?can anyone help.when re they announcing or mailing the shortlisted teams of quarterfinlas of ti adc 2015.?????

  • Where can we see the results? We haven't received any mail regarding the short listed students!

  • Dear All,

    Please read the blog: TIIC IDC 2015 – The First Stop [Blog Link -] to view the list of shortlisted teams.

  • Sir,

    We are selected in the qualifying round. :)

    I wanted to know what are the guidelines/rules for making the you tube video ??

  • Sir, Can you tell me where to upload the Participation Confirmation Letter.....???

  • Sir, Can you tell me where to upload the Participation Confirmation Letter.....???

  • Dear Sir

    We have end of semester exams these days in university. We couldn't upload the participation confirmation letter yet.

    Can you please count our team in as participating Exam ends on 25th of this month. Will upload this letter quickly after that.