Innovation Challenge: India

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Texas Instruments - innovation challenge - India analog design contest 2014

Innovate using Texas Instruments Analog ICs and Embedded Processors!

We proudly announce the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge: India Analog Design Contest 2014 for engineering students from India! The contest aims at promoting IC-based system design among student community.

Phase 1 – Intra College Challenge

At least three teams must be received from a college for the college to be qualified for Phase 1. Each team must consist of two or more undergraduate students OR two or more postgraduate students (mixing is allowed). Each team must submit a project proposal along with the components required by August 15, 2013 according to the guidelines. The proposals will be reviewed by an expert panel and the selected teams & colleges will be notified.

Selected teams will then work on their projects. TI will provide the semiconductor components for these projects subject to constraints (see Tools Selection Guide). It is expected that these teams will independently work on the project and submit a final report & a video of their project demonstration by January 26, 2014.The project reports and videos will be reviewed by an expert panel and one team from each college will be declared a winner. The winning teams of Phase 1 will receive a cash prize. The winning teams will have the opportunity to enter Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Inter College Challenge

Winning teams of Phase 1 will be invited to an Educator’s conference where they will have the opportunity to showcase their projects. A team of experts will declare three winners in Phase 2. The top prize, Chairman's Award, has a tag of USD 10,000. The first runner-up prize, has a tag of USD 5000. The second runner-up prize has a tag of USD 2000. In addition, several additional prizes will be awarded to recognize excellence in innovation and project execution.

Who can take part?

  • B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech/Ph.D. students from all recognized Indian engineering colleges are eligible to participate.
  • Students graduating in 2014 or later are eligible to participate in the contest.

How do you apply?

  • Submit an on-line proposal at the website
  • There is no application fee!
  • All proposals will be acknowledged.
  • Shortlisted teams will be intimated by Sep 15, 2013.
  • ICs and EVMs/kits required for the project will be provided free of cost (see Tools Selection Guide).

Benefits for students

  • Attractive cash prizes! The top prize, named Chairman's Award, has a tag of USD 10,000! The first runner-up prize has a tag of USD 5000. The third prize has a tag of USD 2000.
  • Certificates of Participation to all team members.
  • Opportunity to publish/present in TI forums such as TI India Educators' Conference.
  • Opportunity to take part in TI's internship/placement process.
  • Opportunity to interact with TI designers and customers.

Benefits for faculty mentors and college

  • Opportunity to set up a TI lab funded by Texas Instruments.
  • USD 200 worth of development tools and ICs per team.
  • High visibility in external forums.
  • Recognition through plaque for faculty mentors.
  • Opportunity to take part in TI forums such as TI India Educators' Conference.


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  • Sir,

    I'm a post graduate student of Applied Electronics in science stream (M.Sc., 2012-14). am I eligible to take part in TI analog design contest 2014.? if not. is there any other programs where students like myself could exhibit the innovations within us through TI.?  


  • Askhay, you may take part if you are graduating after April 2014! Please convince at least two other teams from your college to take part as well.

  • Sir I am submitting alone.Only me from my college. would it do?

  • sir,

    is it necessary that all the team are from colleges. Actually me and my team members all are working but we want to participate in TI analog design contest 2014. we have innovative project. Is there any chance to participate.  

  • sir i need assistance in selecting arm development board my requirements are minimum of two UART's and USB compatible with windows 7 OS and IDE which can be programmed in C-language suggest me please

    and along with that does texas instruments manufacture GSM , GPS MODULES AND a heartbeat sensors..???

    if yes do specify part number please

    suggestions in links and post or email can be accepted  

    thanks in advance

  • Sir,

    I understand that the deadline is over. Can I have another 3 three days for us to submit our proposal. We had our internals during the past week. Please consider.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • sir,

     Our project is selected for Phase-1 of the competition. As per the communication mail # 4 ,we are supposed to submit a participation letter duly signed by faculty to the CMT website.When i logged in to the website, there is no option which requests for the uploading of the participation letter.So, please help me out about where to submit the letter of participation.

    thank you.

  • Sir,

    The  Processor IC (MSP430F5438A) in the MSP430F5438 Experimenter board provided by you for the Analog Design Contest has been damaged due to higher voltage supplied. What can we do to rectify it??

  • sir,

    i am a U.G student of Electronics and communications, i am doing a project on Land MIine detection in which i use TLC59116 I2C LED

    driver but i am confused of writing flow chart for it, I am requesting you to please help me in this