Recommended Parts

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TI integrated circuits (ICs) and TI hardware development tools (EVMs/ kits) required for the project will be provided free of cost to teams. Each team can order TI ICs from free samples & EVMs/ kits worth USD $200.  It is mandatory to make use of either

  1. at least three analog chips from TI or
  2. at least two analog chips from TI and a TI embedded processor.

Note: Students are not allowed to use a non-TI microcontroller(MCU)/microprocessor(MPU) in their project. Teams using non-TI MCU/MPU will be disqualified from the contest without any proposal review.

A. Examples of popular Evaluation Modules

MSP430 Microcontroller

C2000 Microcontrollers

TM4C Microcontrollers

Connected Launchpad

DSP & Microprocessors

Connectivity Tools

Analog Tools



B. Boosterpacks

BoosterPack plug-in modules can greatly enhance the functionality of your design. These innovative tools plug in to the header pins on the LaunchPad and allow you to explore different applications that your favorite TI MCU can enable.


a. Apart from the EVMs & Boosterpacks listed above, teams are free to order any EVM manufactured by Texas Instruments & available on the TI Store

b. Teams who wish to use the BeagleBone Black & ASLKPRO must write to All the remaining components still need to be ordered from the TI store 

C. Integrated Circuits

      Teams are free to order any ICs from TI eStore.

  1. When requesting ICs, please check the IC package – whether it is a DIP package or surface mount.
  2. To choose the right IC package, please see datasheet of the IC which is available on the product page of the IC part. You will also find pictorial representation of IC package in the datasheet. Please be aware that some IC package requires sophisticated soldering facilities.
  3. For each required IC, we recommend you order for at least 2 additional samples to handle any IC damages.
Note: Passive components like resistors, capacitors and other non-TI components like LCD, LED display, connecting wires, PCB will not be provided by TI. Teams will have to procure these components on their own.