Submission Guidelines & Templates

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Steps for registration and submitting proposal

  • Step 1: Register your team on Submission Portal: Click here to view video on how to register
  • Step 2: Download the proposal submission template: Below is the link to download the template
  • Step 3: Read this blog “Tips for submitting successful IICDC proposal”. Click here
  • Step 4: Upload your proposal . Click here [Video below has steps as how to upload the proposal]

Proposal Submission Template

Submission Template for Proposal Submission

Guidelines for proposal submission

  • The contest registration and submission happens on myGOV contest page. The team leader should ensure that all members are registered on the portal.
  • The myGOV contest page for submission must be used  ONLY by the team leader. 
  • The team leader must register on myGOV, share the project and team member details and ensure that each member including faculty mentor has registered and accepted the participation on myGOV contest page. 
  • The proposal upload button will be available only after all the team members including the faculty have registered on myGOV and accepted the participation
  • Team must submit only one proposal for the contest. In case of multiple submissions, the first submission will be considered eligible for review.
  • Each team must review the proposal thoroughly before submission. Teams will not be allowed to change any information after submission
  • Each team must use the submission template available below to create the proposal.
  • All proposals must be submitted in PDF format with a maximum size of 5MB.
  • For any queries related to submission, please refer to the FAQs.


How to register and upload proposal