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Do I have to register for the contest?

A. Yes, each team must register for the contest. The registration will happen on myGOV portal. Only team leader should register the project and team members. 

How do I register for the contest?

A. The team leader needs register and login to myGOV contest page. For step-by-step details, click here
Q. Who is eligible to participate in the contest?
A.  The contest is open for all students pursuing B.E./B.Tech,M.E./M.Tech & Ph.D from Indian engineering colleges and graduating in 2017 or later.
Q. What are the rules of the contest?
A. The rules of the contest can be viewed here
Q. How many students can form a team?
A. Each team must have a minimum of two students and a maximum of five students. Faculty mentor is optional.
Q. Who can be a faculty mentor?
A Any faculty member from the same college as the participating team is eligible to be a faculty mentor.
Q. Can students from different department within the same college form a team?
A Yes, students from different departments within a college can form a team.
Q Can students from different colleges form a team?
A No, all the student members of a team must be from same college.
Q Can we change team members ?
A No. Once the proposal is submitted , the team will not be able to make any changes to team members. 
Q In case a student member decides to leave the team, can we add a new team member?
A If a team member decides to leave the team after proposal submission, the team cannot replace this team member.
Q How long/short can the proposal be?
A There is no minimum restriction on the proposal length, however the maximum allowance is 7 pages. Please refer to submission template for more details.
Q How do I submit a proposal?
A The submission will happen on myGOV contest page. The proposal submission will be enabled only after all the team members including faculty member have registered on myGOV and accepted their participation.
Q Is there a submission template for proposal submission?
A Yes, each team must use the submission template available from the Submission Guidelines
Q Can a team/student member submit multiple proposals?
A No, each team/student member can only be a part of one proposal. In case of multiple submissions, only the first submission will be considered eligible.
Q Who should use the submission portal?
A The submission portal must be only used by the team leader. 
Q What happens if the layout of the proposal does not meet the submission template guidelines?

If your report does not meet submission template guidelines, this will influence the amount of points your project receives. 

Q What file format should the report be sent in?
A All proposals must be submitted only in PDF format with a maximum size of 5MB.
Q What happens after we have submitted our proposal?
A After your team has submitted proposal, it will be reviewed and evaluated against the Qualifying Round Criteria. Select teams will enter into the quarterfinals.
Q Can a team receive feedback or scores on their proposal?
A No, unfortunately we do not provide feedback or scores for proposals.
Q Is there a deadline for registration?
A Yes. The deadline for registration and submitting the proposal is 23:59 (IST) on 30th September 2016.
Q What happens if we miss the registration deadline?
A No extensions will be provided to the teams who fail to submit the proposal before the deadline. The portal will automatically close at 23:59 (IST) on 30th September 2016
Q How do we select the tools for the project?
A Each team is eligible to order any EVM manufactured by Texas Instruments and available on the TI Store. Please refer to the list of recommended parts for details
Q What worth of tools will be available from TI?
A Each team is eligible to order USD $200 worth of TI tools from the TI Store
Q How do I order tools from TI?
A Qualified teams will be given an estore coupon to place the order.
Q Can I use the coupon multiple times?
A No, the coupon can only be used once. All the tools & ICs must be requested in a single order.
Q What should I do in case there is further requirement of tools/ICs while implementing the project?
A Please write to ti-india-dc@list.ti.com
Q How to I procure non-TI components?
A Teams will have to procure the non-TI components themselves. TI will not reimburse/compensate for these components. 
Q How long will the TI tools take to arrive?
A The shipment usually takes about 10-15 days from the date of request subject to customs clearance. Please plan accordingly.
Q I have some technical questions regarding TI parts and tools. Who should I contact?
A Visit the TI E2E Community forums to find answers, share knowledge, and solve problems with fellow engineers.
Q If I have additional questions regarding the contest. Who should I contact?
A For any additional questions please contact ti-india-dc@list.ti.com