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Innovation Challenge: DSP and Embedded Design Contest
The DSP and Embedded Design Contest started in 2003 and is held every two years. From 2006, the contest expanded from mainland China to Taiwan by introducing Taiwan-mainland China DSP design contest.
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Innovation Challenge: C2000 and MCU Design Contest
This contest started in 2008 to support Chinese university student's exposure to TI's microcontrollers. Starting from C2000, the contest is extended to MSP430 and M3 processors. Over 400 teams from 100+ universities nationwide participate in this contest each year.
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NUEDC- "TI Cup"Analog System Design Invitational Contest
National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest(NUEDC)-TI Cup Analog System Design Invitational Contest is held every two years by NUEDC organization committee and sponsored by TI China. The contest set “TI Cup” as top prize. 
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Innovation Challenge: National Measurement & Instrumentation Design Contest
2013 marks the first year of National Measurement & Instrumentation Design Contest. The contest will engage students to build projects on C2000 & MCU.
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Innovation Challenge: 2013 WEBENCH Design Contest
The 2013 WEBENCH Design Contest encourages students to design power circuit including DC-DC/LED Driver using WEBENCH platform. Students' project will be judged by online readers and TI Engineers. 
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Middle East
& Africa
Analog Design Contest
The Analog Design Contest is an initiative to encourage system-level design within universities. This is an opportunity for students to work on a design project using TI's broad range of high-performance analog Integrated Circuits (IC's) to win a cash prize!
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Innovation Challenge Design Contest
The TI India Innovation Challenge Design Contest promotes electronics system design to Indian engineering students. The contest is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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Innovation Challenge Korean BoosterPack Design Contest
The new BoosterPack design contest brings students utmost attention to the basics of microcontrollers and the various applications that can be designed to go with them. It is challenging and fun to collaborate with friends and is the best way to study and practice electrical knowledge.
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부스터팩 디자인 콘테스트
작년까지 진행했던 MCU 디자인 콘테스트에 이어 이번에 새로이 개최되는 BoosterPack 디자인 콘테스트에서는, TI MCU LaunchPad를 사용하여 여러분들의 참신한 BoosterPack 개발 아이디어를 선보이시면 됩니다.친구들과 함께 전기전자 지식을 쉽고 재미있게 연구하고 습득할 수 있는 기회입니다.
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North America
Innovation Challenge Design Contest
Now's your chance to engineer change and spend time with TI's top visionaries. Make your senior design project or other course project design come to life! Your inspiration coupled with TI parts could win you a seat at the annual Engibous Summit – a forum to showcase your innovative spirit and your inner competitive streak.
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DSP/MPU Design Contest
TI DSP/MCU Design Contest started in 2003 and is held every two years. TI announces the DSP/MCU Design Contest for Taiwan Universities for the year of 2014.
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Innovation Challenge: Vietnam MCU Design Contest 2013
TI announces the MCU Design Contest for Vietnam Universities for the year 2013, to encourage students’ innovation on MCU system design.
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  • I am a Faculty member with WSU, Vancouver. How do I request development boards for teaching purposes? I registered initially but not via the TIuniversity program link..In any case I have not heard back...

  • We're happy to support! Our Analog University Program Manager will be reaching out to you directly today to help with your request.

    For everyone else's FYI - you can register for the University Program at Registration for the program offers many benefits, including the opportunity to subscribe to the quarterly University Program eNewsletter, preferred pricing on tools and evaluation modules specifically for academic users, access to TI's online support, information on trainings and workshops and other useful materials to get you ramped up with TI.  

    To specifically make a university lab donation/tool discount request you can contact us via email ( and we'll send you a form to fill out and send back for our consideration. Thanks!

    -Amber Pizano, WW University Communications Manager