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TAS5707 EQ configuration question

Dear Sir,

Is there any easy way to set bass boost of TAS5707 just like the TAS5709 bass boost on/off control ?

Is there any example of how the set the EQ of TAS5707 to do bass boost?

  • Hi Aneli,

    Compared to the TAS5709, the TAS5707 has fewer processing options, and does not support the bass-boost. However, a Bass-Shelving filter could be  used to enhance the bass-response.

    A bass-shelf filter can be implemented using the TAS570x software-GUI's "Bi-Quad programming tool". Please let me know if you need any help setting this up.

    Best Regards,
    Ravi Singh
    Audio Applications Engineer

    Ravi Singh
    Systems & Applications Manager
    HVL - Systems Connectivity


  • In reply to Ravi Singh:

    Hi Savi,

    Thanks for the reply, I had done the bass shelf to increase the bass and it works.

    Now I got the error status, 0xf8.

    How can I recover the system back to normal operation? by reset the TAS5707?

    What is the meaning of Frame Slip, how does this happen?

    I use I2S as input and the i2S is generated from SPDIF to I2S converter.

  • In reply to Aneli Jow:

    Hi, Aneli,

    Is there still audio playing? Note this line in the d/s on the page that describes the error register:

    The error bits are sticky and are not cleared by the hardware. This means that the software must clear the
    register (write zeroes) and then read them to determine if they are persistent errors.
    So, if you have some weird error at start-up or something, the chip will recover, but the error codes will still be there until you over-write them with 0x00.

    Best regards,

    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications Engineering Manager

    Dallas, TX USA