Linux TAS570x Driver

Hi, Is there an available linux driver (or similar driver for a template) for the TAS5705 mated to TI's OMAP3 family of processors? The TAS5705 has an I2C interface for control and I2S interface for data streams. Any information or suggestions would be greately appreciated.

Best Regards, Fred

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  • Hi


    Do you find any driver for your chip(TAS5705)?




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    Hi, Saurabh,

    I noticed your post on this old thread. Unfortunately, no, we don't have Linux drivers available for the TAS57xx devices. They are pretty simple to program, we can give you a list of I2C writes you need to do in order to get them started. Please start a new thread on that, though.


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    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications Engineering Manager

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