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TPA3128D2: Power supply requirements

Part Number: TPA3128D2

I can't find in the datasheet the power requirements (Amperes) at 24V. I use a 24V 3A power supply. Which is the best for best performance at 8 or 4 ohm load?

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  • Hello Michelle! Shawn can help you with this question... but also one question for you... what load does your application require, 4 or 8 ohm? Thanks, Jeff
  • In reply to Jeff Kohnle:

    Hi.  Most of the time I need 8 ohm but sometimes I need 4 ohm.  Thanks!

  • Hi Michele,

    The power supply requirement depends on the output power. With 24V power supply voltage, the more output power from TPA3128D2, the more current is needed for power supply. Actually you can estimate the required current from power supply bythe device output power and efficiency. In Figure 14 and 15 in TPA3128D2 datasheet, you can find the efficiency for 8Ohm and 4Ohm load. Also you need reserve some margin for the calculated result.

    Actually TPA3128D2 works well for both 8ohm or 4ohm load, so you don't need to worry about the performance for both of them. The Figure7 and Figure show the THD performance for 4Ohm and 8Ohm load with 24V power supply.

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    Shawn Zheng