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TPA3116D2: Component selection for portable speaker

Part Number: TPA3116D2

I'm designing an amp for a portable speaker.  2 Ch X 2 Ohm load.  Wattage handling of the driver is TBD, but expected up to 100W/ch, but 40=60W/ch may be the final for this application.  

Options I'm considering

TPA3116D2 qty 2 in PBTL 

TPA3128D2 qty 2 in PBTL 

TPA3244 qty 1 in PBTL 

Is there others that should be considered?

Why does the TPA3116D2 have a higher wattage rating over TPA3128D2  when the 3128 has lower RDSon?

If using TPA3116D2 "filter-free", are here concerns running at higher power?  

  • Hello Steve! Shawn can answer any follow on questions you may have, but these are all good choices though initially I would recommend the TPA3128. This is a newer part and also was designed to provide you with very Low Idle Power Dissipation which would benefit any portable application. Also, the TPA3116 comes in the powerpad-up DAD package, which allows you to dissipate more heat via a heat-sink, versus the TPA3128 which is a DAP powerpad down package which is a bit more thermally limited. Finally, the "filter free" aspect of these parts is typically dependent on your design need and the modulation scheme used, all of which is covered in some detail in section 7.3 of the DS, and as your power level need increases so can your filtering need. Thanks, Jeff
  • Hi Steve,

    Rdson determines the efficiency of class-D audio amplifier, so you can see that the output power efficiency is higher on TPA3128D2 than TPA3116D2 under the same condition. While the maximum output power depends more on the thermal dissipation performance. As Jeff said, TPA3116 is a thermal pad up package, so it supports higher output power with a heatsink. 

    For high output power application, there isn't any problem with ferrite beads in LC filter. But please make sure your ferrite beads support the maximum output current on them.  

    Best regards,

    Shawn Zheng

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    Thanks Jeff and Shawn for the detailed response!
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    You are very welcome!