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TAS5756M: application question about TAS5756M+TAS5760M in 2.1 channel system

Part Number: TAS5756M

Hi,TI Pals

I want to use TAS5756M and TAS5760M to design a 2.1 channel system(reference "TIDA-00404"),it's a smart audio product which support AEC function.


As the following block diagram, we want to select  the “Post-DSP” signal as the SDOUT, and use this signal for the echo reference. our audio processor only need the stereo signal for echo reference, do not need the subwoofer signal.

On the other side, the SDOUT (Post-DSP) can driver the TAS5760M in subwoofer mode, or not?  

if yes,  the output  frequency range of TAS5760M can be fine tune by ourself?