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TAS5717 evalkit control


I purchsed TAS5717 evalkit a week ago.

But I have some troubles about this eval kit.

I am using digital audio (coaxial) and I connected two set of 8ohm speaker. (OUT1/2 - Left, OUT3/4 - Right)

I just execute evalkit software and select device (TAS5717) and uncheck shut down and uncheck mute button. Then I adjusted master volume.

The volume control of left speaker looks adjustable, but that of right speaker always looks saturated (clipping).

And I think channel 1 vol (0x08), channel 2 vol (0x09) control is strange.

And I'd like to get the detail information or final full register datasheet  including from 0x70 to 0x77. The datasheet of webpage looks much different with evalkit.


Byungkeun Lee.





  • Hi, Byungkeun,

    It sounds like you might have an old copy of the GUI. Did you download it from our Product Folder, or did the EVM kit come with a CDROM?

    Here is a link to the GUI:

    the d/s on our website is the only document we have.

    Also, don't forget you may need to change the I2C address. Here's the link to the app note that describes that:


    Best regards,

    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications Engineering Manager

    Dallas, TX USA

  • In reply to Don Dapkus:

    Dear Mr. Dapkus,

    Thank you for the quick response.

    I downloaded GUI from

    Some GUI control looks OK. But some GUI functions are different from my expectation.

    I connected digital audio (coaxial) and 2 speakers (OUT1/2 - left speaker, OUT3/4 - right speaker). I used 2 channel (L/R) 20dBFS 1KHz tone source. The left volume and right volume are same.

    But After device connection and adjust master volume (0x7) on GUI, the left speaker looks adjustable. But right speaker looks saturated.

    So, I try to adjust Ch1Vol1 GUI or Ch1Vol2 GUI by clicking up/down button on GUI but the moment the left speaker looks saturated. I think the GUI operation looks strange.

    Finally I find out the right speaker volume can be adjusted by I2C direct writing (for example, X08 00  2A). But the moment that I adjust X08, the left speaker volume saturated.

    What should I do?

    I don't know why the register 0x07 can adjust only left speaker volume.

    And I don't know the moment I adjust 0x08, the right speaker can be adjusted but the left speaker go saturated.

    I2C direct access looks OK but if I read 0x08,0x09 address, the read result looks strange.

    Could you explain this situation or provide the detail infomation of 0x08,0x09.

    Because some initialization values are different from the I2C read-out results, I cannot think the website datasheet is new one.

    Best regards.

    Byungkeun Lee.




  • In reply to Byungkeun Lee:

     Sorry, I used 2 channel (L/R) -20dBFS 1KHz tone source. 

  • In reply to Byungkeun Lee:

    Hi Byungkeun,

    Please refer to the comments below...

    [B Lee] "Could you explain this situation or provide the detail infomation of 0x08,0x09"

    [Ravi] : Register 0x07, 0x08 & 0x09 are Master, Left & Right Volume controls respectively.

    The volume setting table shown on page-42 of the device datasheet, applies to all three registers. 

    I just did a quick check on a TAS5717 EVM using thr GUI, and it seems to be working fine.

            -- Updating "Ch1-Vo1l" in the GUI updates the left channel volume,

            -- Updating "Ch1-Vol2" in the GUI updates the right channel volume.

             -- Updating Master Volume setting in the GUI, updates both left and right channels.

    Some follow-up questions....

    1.) Is any EQ setting enabled on the left or right channels?

    2.) What Volume setting's (master, left and right) are used in the test? 



    Systems & Applications Manager
    MUX & Signal Switches


  • In reply to Ravi Singh:

    Hi Ravi,

    First of all, the GUI software version that I downloaded on the website is version 3.2 build 7. Is it right?

    At first step, I need not EQ control but just L/R volume control.

    But I think that CH1Vol1, CH1Vol2 GUI values (-104.0 to 24.0) is abnormal.

    For example, I changed master volume GUI but only left volume is adjusted.

    I just connected SPDIF signal (L/R -20dBF single tone source) and measured the out1(LEFT+) or out3(RIGHT+) level by oscilloscope.

    I unconnected BTL speakers because of big saturated noise.


  • In reply to Byungkeun Lee:

    Hi Byungkeun,

    The GUI version 3.2 build-7 is the latest. I could not reproduce the issue you described.

    Have you already tried uninstalling the GUI and re-installing it? If not, please give it a try.

    If you continue to have issues, please try the following test.

    1.) Power Up EVM, Launch GUI & connect to EVM (Target-->Connect).

    2.) Hit RESET on controller board (to set register values to default)

    3.) Use I2C memory-tool and write the following thre registers

    Register 0x1B with the value 00. (read-back from device will be C0)

    Register 0x05 with value 00 (exit-shutdown)

    Register 0x07 with value 01-10 (2-byte write) to set master volume to -10dB

    4.) Check left and right outputs on scope.

    5.) write register 0x07 with 00-C0 (set master volume to 0dB). Both output should now be larger on the scope.

    6.) Write register 0x08 with 00-10. Left channel should be lowered in level.

    7.) write register 0x09 with 00-10. Right channel should be lower and match left channel.

    If all this works fine, then there is no issue with the setup.

    8.) Use GUI to change the volume levels and check if it works fine.


    Systems & Applications Manager
    MUX & Signal Switches


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