Noise on TLV1012


We're using the TLV1012 as a pre amplifier for our MIC input. We're facing a specific noise coupled to Pre amplifier output whenever Wi-fi enabled. In data sheet , it has suggested to connect 10pf & 33pf on Pre amplifier o/p for avoiding noise due to GSM signal (980, 1800/1900 MHz). Similarly can i use some capacitor to avoid Wi-fi specific noise (2400 MHz)? what should be the capacitor value? can you please guide me on this issue?

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  • Hi, Nambirajan,

    Pretty much everyone here is off until next year. You may have better luck contacting your local TI sales office until we're staffed back up after the US holidays.


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    Hi, Nambirajan,

    Actually, I think your question is not super specific to the LMV1012. Basically, those caps provide traps for the frequency causing the interference. You should be able to calculate the cap value that will cause a trap for the offending frequency. I'm guessign it will be somewhere around 5-6.8 pF. Since this is a smaller value than the cell phone frequency values, I don't think you have to worry about stability too much.