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TAS5630B: Amplifier board design help.

Part Number: TAS5630B

Hello everyone.

I'm kind of new to designing my own audio amplifier boards, so my question might be quite stupid/wrong, but here goes.

So for a while now I was thinking of making my own active sub-woofer for my living room. I was looking at a Visaton TIW 200 XS 8 Ohm speaker and a TAS5630B combo. The speaker itself is rated at 120W.

I was just wondering how can I limit the amp to produce max 120W RMS, and also keep the THD+N low  and  prevent it from clipping at the same time?

The document states that in PBTL mode the amp can output 180W @ 10% THD+N and 50V PVDD.

As I understand, if I keep the input signal voltage below a certain point (2.6Vp-p), then the 23db voltage gain of the amp will keep the output voltage below a certain level (36Vp-p) and thus I can control output power (If of course I understood it correctly, that you can use Ohm's law to determine what maximal voltage should be applied to the load in order to limit maximum power to the rated spec)

So if, for example, I limit the output voltage at 36Vp-p (should make the output power max out at 162W which is below the maximum power rating for the speaker) and use 42V for PVDD It should keep the THD+N low and prevent clipping. Right?

I will appreciate any help! Thanks.

  • Anton,

    it's hard to say directly if your values stated would be correct as you will need to characterize this in your actual system but your approach is correct.

    Unless you have audio measurement equipment capable of very low THD measurement you will probably never even notice or know the actual THD of your final system but that's fine.

    Personally I would try it and see how it sounds.