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TPA3136D2EVM: mono load EVM audio demo

Part Number: TPA3136D2EVM


I am  working on the audio demo using the TPA 3136D2 EVM. The load is a

PBTL mono load. 

I am using a 4 Ohm 3W resistor for this, resistance measures 4 Ohm on a multimeter. 

This resistor is connected across the OUTL+ and OUTR+ points on the EVM.


I have a 1 kHz, 480 mV p-p signal at the RINP TP of the EVM. I can see this on the scope. 


I have the voltage between PLIMIT and GND set to 1.25 V.


I am powering the EVM at 12V DC.


I cannot see anything on the scope when I connect a probe across the resistor ends.

I am unable to read any voltage across the resistor leads as well with a multimeter,

AC or DC.


The DC voltage between OUTL+ and GND measures 5.9V DC. Same voltage between

OUTR+ and GND.


Can you offer any pointers on this? I have attached the EVM configuration used

for a mono PBTL load. Does this need changing?


Thank you,

Best Regards,