• Resolved

TAS2521EVM: Speaker output disabled automatically

Part Number: TAS2521EVM

Hello there,

I'm using the EVM with a 4-ohms speaker,

I'm driving the board with different wav files (pure sine, white noise, simple bell, and a human spoken sentence), 

I'm measuring the acoustic levels.

Setup = 24 dB amplifier, -10 dB driver, DAC adjusted from -30 to +5 dB.

I can reach a max 95dBa with a 1kHz sinewave, when DAC=+5.

The output sustains the white noise wave at DAC=+5, producing 87dBa.

The output sustains the bell wave at DAC=+5, producing 90dBa.

When it comes to the human voice (only 2 simple words in the sentence),  I cannot go above DAC=-5 (80 dBa), the output is muted randomly (P0/R46/D7=0).

Any hint how to solve this problem?