Current Shunt Monitor video training series now available!

If you have questions about choosing the right current shunt monitor/current sense amplifier for your application, or how to calculate errors and accuracy, or what to watch out for when you're designing your circuit, then this video series is just what you need!!

Session topics:

Session 1: When to choose a Current Sense Amp
Session 2: Current Sense Amp Design Considerations
Session 3: Implementation options for both high-side and low-side monitoring
Session 4: How to choose an appropriate Shunt Resistor
Session 5: Understanding different types of error in current shunt monitor designs
Session 6: Understanding gain errors
Session 7: Understanding offset errors
Session 8: Understanding filter related error
Session 9: Understanding common mode voltage error
Session 10: Understanding temperature related error
Session 11: Understanding power supply rejection error
Session 12: Understanding shunt resistor tolerance error
Session 13: Layout considerations for a Current Shunt Monitor circuit
Session 14: Debugging a Current Shunt Monitor circuit - where to probe
Session 15: Programming Power Settings

If you want to see the videos in China we have three different 3rd party sites that host our videos. Below are the direct links:

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Jason Bridgmon, TI Sensing Products Applications Support

Current Shunt Monitor Video Training Series

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