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INA219: recovery from power down mode

Part Number: INA219


INA219: how to recovery from power down mode? The I2C bus is still working?

After sending the power down setting to the configuration register I can't read the power mode or change it. How to wake it up?

Thank you for any answer and suggestions


  • Hi Jacek,

    I tried to power down the device by clearing bits MODE1, MODE2 and MODE3, as per datasheet. These are my findings:

    • I2C Communication remains up and I can read device registers and the last conversion result before power down (ADC is not sampling).
    • I can trigger a conversion, for example, if I set MODE2, the device performs an update to the bus voltage reading.
    • Just to ensure I2C is up I went ahead and changed the device address. As expected the readings returned as 0xFFFF.

    I suggest reviewing your circuit and communication to ensure nothing else is causing this issue.

    Kind Regards,

    Carlos S.

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