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INA3221: INA3221

Part Number: INA3221

heloo im new at this forum...so i need you help ver much.so what my problem i got fryed 4gpus Msi GTX 1060 Gaming X becase of putting 1 of them in power supply when it was on...so when i took it to service they told me power controller/generator is dead...i have read part number on it and its INA3221 TI 691 CROS I CANT FIND IT EXACTLY THIS MODEL  ANYWHERE I found INA3221 ti but after is differrent INA3221AIRGVT etc...i dont undestand meanings or differences....can anybody HELP me? will it fit to my GPU if i buy it from IT website? 

  • Hi Nikoloz,

    The INA3221 is a monitoring device, rather than a power controller, but assuming this is the part you require, I can confirm the all the variants use the same package, therefore the INA3221AIRGVT will fit your GPU.

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    Carlos S.

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    Carlos Thank you very much