• Resolved

INA226: Current Register Values Incorrect

Part Number: INA226

Hello, I'm having a bit of an odd issue with my INA226.

I'm setting up the device to be able to measure max 10A over a 150mOhm resistor.

Using the datasheet, I came up with a Current LSB value of 0.000304761904761905 A/count, and a calibration register value of 112 (0x0070).

I am setting the calibration register, and upon reading it, I see that it Is correctly set to 0x0070.

Next, I want to do a current measurement. I know that my target device is drawing about 20mA.

Checking the shunt voltage register, I get 0x03BC (956). Multiplying by the constant 2.5uV, I get 2.39mV. Dividing this by 150mOhm gets me 0.01593 Amps, which seems correct.

But, if I now do it the "correct" way, by reading the Current register instead of the shunt voltage, I'm seeing 0x3448 (13384). I would expect to see (0x03BC * 0x0070 / 2048), which would be 52.28. If I got this, and multiplied by my factor of 0.000304..., I would see about 15mA again. But the actual current register value * my multiplier (0x3448 * 0.000304...) gives over 4A!

What am I doing incorrectly?