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INA226: Does Shunt Voltage Over Limit Alert stop a measurement cycle?

Part Number: INA226


I just want to verify the various alert functions are only notifications and do not affect an already occurring measurement.

  • Hi Mark,

    Alerts from the INA226 are device outputs, so they do not affect internal logic or measurements normally.


    With the alert pull-up resistor connected to Vs, measurement interference could occur if your design has these flaws:

    1. There is no bypass capacitor between Vs and GND (0.1uF recommended) and
    2. The pull-up resistor is very small (>=1kOhm recommended)
    3. The alert output is being fed back into the device (not recommended)

    but these conditions could affect values, not timing. In short, the INA226’s alerts are notifications only and will not stop a measurement cycle or affect its values.


    Happy engineering,

    Manuel Chavez