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INA220: Failure of current shunt monitor device, potentially do to inrush currents.

Part Number: INA220


I designed in IN220 current monitors into a 12v power distribution PCB. I used the the device on the high side, and without the "optional" resistors and capacitor on the differential sense lines. 

What appears to have happened to me is when placing a fuse there was a inrush current that caused enough of a spike on the differential lines to cause the ESD protection to shunt energy to ground (12v across the part), destroying the component and damaging the PCB. There was a situational described in the datasheet which was used the example of sudden low resistance short to ground, but otherwise described what could of happened to me with a huge sudden differential value.

I found a application not talking about transient suppression that states small resistors combined with TVS diodes were the best mode of protections. 

My questions are

- Does this sound feasible for a mode of failure?
- Would it be advised to add the TVS and small <10ohm resistors to avoid this scenario?
- Why is protection only as optional instead of more clearly recommended.

I mostly just want confirmation that this seems reasonable, adding the protection should solve it, and that I am not chasing the wrong issue.