Current Sensing Design and Debug Guide

Design and Debug Guide

Design Considerations and Part Selection

Schematic Capture

PCB Layout

Debug and Troubleshooting

How to choose a device, what error sources to consider, surrounding component selection, etc Guidelines and best practices for designing and simulating a circuit Guidelines and best practices for PCB Layout How to track down and resolve issues in hardware

Current Shunt Monitors

Analog Output

Integrated Comparator

Power/Current Monitors

Integrated Shunt

Analog Output devices integrate the full analog signal processing and provide a voltage or current output Integrated Comparator devices provide a simple ALERT signal when the load current exceeds a threshold Power/Current Monitors devices integrate the full signal conditioning path and utilize a standard 2-wire digital interface Integrated Shunt devices offers a low-drift, precision integrated sense element
Analog Output Product Selection Integrated Comparator Product Selection Power/Current Monitors Product Selection Integrated Shunt Product Selection

TI Designs

Vcm > 80V

Low Current Measurements

CSMs Implementation

Fluxgate and Magnetic Sensing

TIDA-00332 - High Voltage 12 V – 400 V DC Current Sense Reference Design
TIDA-00528 - 40 V to 400 V Uni-directional Current/Voltage/Power Monitoring Reference Design.
TIPD135 - 10uA-100mA, 0.05% Error, High-Side Current Sensing Solution Reference Design
TIPD156 - Low-Drift Bidirectional Single-Supply Low-Side Current Sensing Reference Design
TIPD104 - Current Sensing Solution, 10uA-10mA, Low-side, Single Supply
TIPD129 - 0-1A, Single-Supply, Low-Side, Current Sensing Solution
TIDA-00313 - -48V Telecom Current/Voltage/Power Sense with Isolation
TIDA-00328 - 50 mA-20 A, Single-Supply, Low-Side or High-Side Current Sensing Solution
TIDA-00302 - Transient Robustness for Current Shunt Monitor
TIDA-00614 - 30A Range Bidirectional Current Shunt Monitor Ref Design
TIDA-00913 - 48V 3-Phase Inverter with Shunt-based In-line Motor Phase Current Sensing Reference Design
TIDA-01141 - Shunt-Based, <1% Accurate, ±100A, High-Side, Bi-directional Current Measurement Reference Design
TIPD205 - ±100A Bus Bar Current Sensor using Open-Loop Fluxgate Sensors Reference Design
TIDA-00463 - Fluxgate Based Displacement Sensor Reference Design
TIPD196 - ±15A Current Sensor using Closed-Loop Compensated Fluxgate Sensor Reference Design
TIDA-01467 - Over-the-Trace Three-Phase Current Sensing using Fluxgate Sensors Reference Design
DRV425-BUSBAR-EVM - ±100A Bus Bar Current Sensor using Open-Loop Fluxgate Sensors Reference Design Evaluation Assembly