Design of piezoelectric preamplifier

 I need help in designing a preamplifier for piezoelectric sensor. Capacitace is around 1000 pF and resistance is 1 Gohm .

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  • Try a charge amplifier.

    Regards, Neil P. Albaugh   ex-Burr-Brown

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    Thanks for your attention. But  can u help me with which op amp to go for and also some practical circuit models.


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    Hello Saurabh,

    There are some other posts on the forum already dedicated to design with charge amplifiers.  Perhaps you could search through some of the old posts for some design tips.  Below is a presentation from one of the other posts by one of our Senior Applications Engineers, Thomas Kuehl.

    7206.Charge amplifiers_PA.ppt

    Also if you download the TINA simulation software, Neil has created a pretty complete library of example circuits including one or more charge amplifier designs.

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    Collin Wells
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