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TL3472-Q1: Alternative device for LM2904-Q1?

Part Number: TL3472-Q1

Hello Team,

 As same case as the thread below “LM2904 crossover distortion happens”, my customer is evaluating LM2904 and struggled by cross-over distortion.


 Application circuitry is shown below, similar to the one of above thread.


As lower-price, rail-to-rail and non-crossover distortion device, can we recommend TLV3472-Q1?

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  • Nobuo,

    TL3472-Q1 is a good choice for this circuit.
    I didn't notice this is the other thread, but T1 has collector and emitter swapped.

    What is the purpose for R4 and R6?

    If the load is always terminated to ground like R10 is connected. Then you do not need R2, D1, D2, R3, T1 or R1. These components support sinking current drive.

    Ronald Michallick
    Linear Applications

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  • In reply to Ron Michallick:

    Hi Ronald,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt support.

    Sorry for making confusion, the load is not a pure resistance as shown R10, but 75 ohm impedance  for 10kHz output signal.

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