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LMV331: LMV331 vs LMV331-N

Part Number: LMV331


I am trying to figure out what the difference between these two devices is, aside from the temp range (LMV331 is specified up to 125°C) and price (LMV331 is 5 cents cheaper) I don't see any difference. Can you help clarify this?

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  • Hello Gerardo,

    The LMV331-N is the original National Semiconductor version, the LMV331 (non -N) is the TI second source.

    After TI acquired National, all the "duplicate" National devices got a "-N suffix.

    So they are similar..but slightly different as they are two different designs on two different processes by (at the time) two different companies, so there will be slight differences in the fringes of operation. But for the most part, other than the temperature range, they are the same.


    Paul Grohe

    Low Power Amplifiers and Comparators (LPAC) Applications