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USB2ANY: Command line interface required to control connected I2C devices

Part Number: USB2ANY


Using USB2ANY (HPA665) hardware to control some I2C devices via I2C messages sent .

PC<-------usb cable-->USB2ANY<-----i2c lines--->DUT(device under test).

Is there a terminal/ command line interface to send the I2C messages to control DUT?


Venkatesh P

  • Hello Venkatesh,

    The USB2ANY is intended to be used with a paired EVM. The EVM determines which TI E2E team supports the USBANY inquiry. General Purpose and Precision Amplifiers are unable to provide support for the USBANY because it was not developed by either of these product lines and don't have any in-depth information about it.

    Which TI EVM are you using the USB2ANY with? If we have that information we should be able to direct your inquiry to the correct forum.

    Regards, Thomas

    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering

  • In reply to Thomas Kuehl:


    As mentioned before I am not using USB2ANY tool with any TI EVM board. My usecase is to use USB2ANY for to control a device using I2C communication.

    If TI can help in providing command line interface to send I2C messages that helps us.

    If this is outside the scope of TI Support then please close the ticket.


    Venkatesh P

  • In reply to VENKATESH PALLA:

    Hello Venkatesh,

    Unfortunately, because the USB2ANY isn't being used with a specific TI EVM we are not able to provide assistance.

    I will close your E2E inquiry.

    Regards, Thomas
    Precision Amplifiers Applications Engineering