4-20mA to 0-3/3.3V conversion


I am implemention I -V conversion i.e from 4-20mA to 0-5 V , for this i used  RCV420 . But with the same IC can I convert 4-20mA to either 0-3V or 0-3.3V.

Pl help in this regard.





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  • Add a resistive divider at the RCV420 output.



  • Pavan,

    The datasheet offers a method of using resistors in parallel with the input to reduce the gain of the circuit (see Figure 2). However, in your case, reducing the gain this much will cause relatively large offsets at low current levels. That being said I would agree with the above suggestion of adding a resistor divider and using an opamp in a unity-gain configuration to buffer the output signal.

    John Caldwell

    Systems Engineering Manager

    Precision Amplifiers