5v to 15v

Hi all,

I want to bust 5V analog signal to 15V and should have 200mA DRIVING CAPABILITY.

Please help me


Sanjeev Kumar

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  • Sanjeev,

    Sorry but it is not clear what you are trying to do.

    Do you need to amplify your input analog signal?  What is the voltage range of the input signal? What is the voltage range of the output signal? What power supplies do you have available?

    Regards, Bruce.

  • In reply to Bruce Trump:

    Hi Bruce, 

    On behalf of sanjeev I would like to mention the details of input signal and output signal,

    The input signal is analog signal 1.8Vpp 1KHz,

    and the intention is to amplify this signal to 15.0V with 200mA driving capability.

    I though of using OPA547, but because of BOM cost we would like to go with LM358 with the npn transistor at output.

    As far as supply is concerned I have 15.0V on the board.

    Thanks and regards