PGA280 - EVM / evaluation

We are using a PGA280 on a design and I am gettting to the software development for my project.  I saw that there is an evaluation module for this and I am wondering if you might have an answer to the following questions.  I just want to explore the PGA280 a bit more before writing the software as it might quicken my understanding of the part.
I am trying to select evaluation modules for this effort also.  I want to get the ADS1259EVM primarily to test out and understand the PGA280. Is there software that comes with that or do I have to get the ADS1259EVM-PDK in order to evaluate it completely? For example, I will want to input a sinusoid and the output I could observe with a scope...that is all I really need at the moment.

In the future is it possible to combine an ADS1259EVM with a ADS1278EVM-PDK?  I would like to evaluate the PGA280 with the ADS1278, but not sure if that is possible.
Any feedback or input is welcomed and appreciated!
Thanks again!